Exercise / Fitness

When a child athlete is hurt on the field of play, it’s not always easy for coaches and parents to determine if emergency care is warranted. A pediatric orthopedic surgeon from Goryeb Children’s Hospital provides this guidance – if the child can’t walk or you notice significant swelling or an obvious deformity, you should seek urgent or emergency care. Conversely, if the swelling is minimal and mobility is not impaired beyond a limp, then you can usually wait to see an orthopedist. Seeking the care that’s most appropriate for the injury will ensure the child is able to resume play in the shortest time possible. Read more >

Exercise/Fitness Programs and Screenings

Education and prevention can keep you and your loved ones healthy. We invite you to take advantage of the programs, support groups and screenings available. Unless otherwise noted, to register for any of these programs call 1-800-247-9580 Monday through Thursday between 8:30am to 8:00pm and Friday between 8:30am and 4:30pm or sign-up online at Atlantic Health System’s classes and events registration; all programs are free unless a fee is indicated.

Steps Toward a Healthy You
An exercise physiologist will demonstrate light exercises while discussing guidelines, safety and general tips that will help make physical activity part of your daily routine.
Atlantic Rehabilitation, 550 Central Avenue, New Providence, NJ
Please call 1-844-472-8499 for dates and times.
Wellness and Performance Program
Members of our program will have access to individualized workout sessions, group exercise classes and post-rehabilitation fitness.
Fees: $65 per month; $55 per hour for personal training
Atlantic Rehabilitation, 550 Central Avenue, New Providence, NJ
For more information, please call 908-522-2215.
AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill® Trial
The anti-gravity treadmill allows you to exercise weightlessly, reducing stress on your legs. This can benefit athletes recovering from an injury or patients with pain that limits their movements.
Atlantic Rehabilitation, 550 Central Avenue, New Providence, NJ
For more information and to schedule a free trial, please call 908-522-2215.
Golf Performance Screening
Receive a golf swing analysis and customized exercises to improve your game. Different packages and individual sessions are available.
Atlantic Rehabilitation, 550 Central Avenue, New Providence, NJ
For more information and to schedule an appointment, please call 908-522-2215.

Chambers Center for Well Being
The Chambers Center for Well Being can help you develop a personal plan for a healthier lifestyle. Through lectures, classes and therapeutic services, we’ll show you how stress management, proper dietary balance and increased exercise can improve your overall well-being – mind, body and spirit. View a full list of classes, services and related fees > or call 908-598-7997.
Gentle Yoga for Cancer Patients
For cancer patients only, this ancient system of bodywork and healing includes exercise, stretching and breathing to promote awareness and spirituality and calm the psyche. Yoga can lead to healing common physical ailments and improve energy, concentration and emotional well-being. Classes will last for 60 minutes.
Mondays, 10:00 to 11:00am
Overlook Medical Center
For more information, specific dates and to register, please call 908-522-6168.

Exercise/Fitness Articles

Short Bout of Exercise Might Boost Your Memory

MONDAY, Sept. 24, 2018 -- Just a little bit of light exercise can immediately improve a person's memory, new Japanese research suggests.

How little? The small study involved 36 healthy college-aged men and women and found that just 10 minutes of relaxed cycling on a stationary bike was all it took to improve recall during memory testing conducted right afterwards.

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Hey Home Exercisers, Sometimes Gym Classes Offer Added Benefits

TUESDAY, Oct. 9, 2018 -- There's nothing like the convenience of working out at home or going for a walk on your schedule.

But taking classes at a gym or fitness center could hold some motivational magic for you. And you don't have to give up your home gym or on-your-own workouts. Think of adding a gym routine as a way to make your fitness efforts more well-rounded.

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Over 1.4 Billion of World's Adults Face Disease Because of Inactivity, WHO Says

WEDNESDAY, Sept. 5, 2018 -- Couch potatoes, take note: Sedentary living has put more than one quarter of the world's adults at risk for serious disease, a new study says.

More than 1.4 billion adults face a higher risk for heart disease, diabetes, dementia and certain types of cancer because they get too little physical activity, World Health Organization (WHO) researchers concluded.

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AHA: It Takes More Than a Bribe to Get Some People to Exercise

WEDNESDAY, Aug. 29, 2018 (American Heart Association) -- Getting people to exercise isn't as easy as dangling money in front of them like a carrot in front of a hungry horse. It turns out it's better to show them the money, and then threaten to take it away.

As obesity rates rise and physical activity decreases in this sedentary age of binge-watching and being glued to a computer at work, researchers are trying to figure out the best ways to get people to move their bodies. Health insurance companies already use economic incentives -- often in the form of lower premiums -- to encourage people and their employees to exercise and embrace wellness programs.

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Exercising on an Empty Stomach: Good Idea or Not?

THURSDAY, Aug. 23, 2018 -- It's an age-old question, whether it's better to exercise before or after eating.

Research done in the United Kingdom might provide the impetus for some people: According to a small study, exercise burns more body fat when you do it on an empty stomach.

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