When it comes to fall produce, apples and pumpkins tend to take center stage, but there are plenty of other seasonal delicacies with health benefits. Take pears, for instance, which many forget are at their ripest in autumn. Eaten with its skin, one medium pear has 6 grams of fiber or 20 perfect of the daily recommended amount. Another less-recognized option is spaghetti squash. Prepared correctly in a microwave or oven, this vegetable’s flesh turns into spaghetti-like strands that can be served with marinara sauce as a low-calorie alternative to grain-based pasta. For more information about healthy fall produce, visit the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics >

Diabetes Programs and Screenings

Education and prevention can keep you and your loved ones healthy. We invite you to take advantage of the programs, support groups and screenings available. Unless otherwise noted, to register for any of these programs call 1-800-247-9580 Monday through Thursday between 8:30am to 8:00pm and Friday between 8:30am and 4:30pm or sign-up online at Atlantic Health

Diabetes Education    
Learn your blood sugar and risk factors for Type 2 diabetes.

Tuesday, October 2; 1:00 to 4:00pm
North Plainfield Library, 6 Rockview Avenue, North Plainfield, NJ
Thursday, October 11; 10:00am to Noon
Scotch Plains YMCA, 1340 Martine Avenue, Scotch Plains, NJ
Tuesday, October 23; 10:00am to Noon
Westfield YMCA, 220 Clark Street, Westfield, NJ
Thursday, November 1; 10:00am to Noon
New Providence Senior Center, 15 East 4th Street, New Providence, NJ
Friday, November 2; 10:00am to 1:30pm
Livingston Health Education, 204 Hillside Avenue, Livingston      , NJ
Tuesday, November 6; 10:00am to Noon
Scotch Plains YMCA, 1340 Martine Avenue, Scotch Plains, NJ
Tuesday, November 13; 10:00am to Noon
Gateway Union YMCA, 1000 Galloping Hill Road, Union, NJ
Thursday, November 15; 1:00 to 4:00pm
Maplewood Library, 1688 Springfield Avenue, Maplewood, NJ
For more information and to register, please call 908-522-2842.
Know Your Numbers
Have your blood pressure measured and learn your risk for Type 2 diabetes with a non-fasting finger stick that gives immediate results. Counseling and educational materials will be provided; registration is required.

Tuesday, October 9; 10:00am to Noon
Gateway YMCA, 1000 Galloping Hill Road, Union, NJ

Tuesday, October 16; 11:00am to 1:00pm
Shoprite of Clark, 76 Central Avenue, Union, NJ
For more information and to register, please call 1-800-247-9580.

Taking Steps to Control Diabetes
This is a self-management education course designed to help patients and their families plan meals, monitor blood sugar, prevent complications and implement healthy lifestyle habits.  Individual and group classes are available and are covered by Medicare and most major insurers.
Overlook Medical Center
For a schedule and to register, please call 908-522-5277.

Chambers Center for Well Being
The Chambers Center for Well Being can help you develop a personal plan for a healthier lifestyle. Through lectures, classes and therapeutic services, we’ll show you how stress management, proper dietary balance and increased exercise can improve your overall well-being – mind, body and spirit. View a full list of classes, services and related fees or call 908-598-7997.

Diabetes Articles

30 Million Americans Now Have Diabetes

WEDNESDAY, Sept. 19, 2018 -- 1 in 7 Americans has diabetes, and many don't even know they have the blood sugar disease, a new report shows.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 14 percent of U.S adults have diabetes -- 10 percent know it and more than 4 percent are undiagnosed.

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New Hormonal Link Suspected in Type 2 Diabetes

TUESDAY, Sept. 4, 2018 -- Two disorders that often occur together -- type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure -- may have a common link in a hormone called aldosterone, researchers suggest.

Aldosterone has already been implicated in the development of high blood pressure (hypertension). Now, a new study reports that people with higher levels of aldosterone had more than twice the odds of developing type 2 diabetes. Researchers also found that the link between aldosterone and diabetes was stronger among some racial groups.

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Blood Test in Early Pregnancy May Predict Mom's Diabetes Risk

THURSDAY, Aug. 16, 2018 -- A blood test seems to detect signs of gestational diabetes as early as the 10th week of pregnancy, a new U.S. government study says.

Gestational diabetes occurs only in pregnancy and can pose a serious health threat to mothers and babies.

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Gaps in private insurance coverage are common among American adults with type 1 diabetes, raising their risk for health crises, a new study finds.

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You'd expect big blood sugar fluctuations in people with diabetes. But for those without the disorder, blood sugar levels should remain fairly stable, right?

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Using sulfonylurea drugs with or instead of metformin to control blood sugar increases type 2 diabetics' risk of serious complications, a new study finds.

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